Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Workstation

Many people wonder about how Soak Republic's workstations like? well here is a photo of the forever-mess-unorganized table, not that i don't want to tidy, it's just that whenever i clean it within hours it will go back to the same old look. BUT i know where my things are~!

i do many things on this small little table :)
- lets starts from the front as u can see 2 organiser, one is to store charms, beads and finding the other one with a lot of little drawer is to store beads, clay flowers.
- there are a few green bowls on top of the oganiser, those are filled with difference sizes of faux pearls and fresh water pearls.
-the so-called marble piece on the table is where i made earrings for Simplicity.
a lot of random stuff:
- our new bendable necklace,
- leather strings for stainless steel pendent,
- some vintage inspired buttons waiting to be made into rings and ear studs.
- far end is where i took pictures for earrings - another version of hands of charms(accessories holder).

the shelve next to my table where i place all difference sizes of envelopes and pos ekspres envelopes, a big stack of poslaju forms n stickers... you must be amazed and start to wonder with that amount of envelopes i got i can open a stationary shop :P

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